DIMENSIONE DANZA SISTERS Autumn/Winter 2013/14 girl collection

Autumn/Winter 2013/14 baby and girl collection

The world of kids has moved to Broadway, taking over the stage, stealing the limelight and permeating its backstage areas, with continuous switching between play and sport, reality and performance. This is the very essence of DIMENSIONE DANZA SISTERS. Alongside the three lines ACTIVE, COLLECTION and SWEET TIME, the autumn/winter 2013/14 collection also includes the BALLET micro-collection dedicated entirely to the bodysuit, symbolic of movement and dynamism.
These items can be worn at the gym and at nursery, at school, or even at parties with friends. Pastel shades – from pink to lilac, from vanilla to pale melange grey, white and black, as well as camo – all made even prettier by the addition of attractive details such as tulle and lace inserts.
The items for older girls have slim, close-fitting lines, while the articles for youngest are soft and rounded in shape. The collection features construction details typical of the world of sport: raw cut edges, side splits for ease of movement, and reinforced collars with double stitching.
Meanwhile, layered volumes and lengths are still a key element: the oversize sweatshirt is worn with a miniskirt or close-fitting trousers; the short sweater is worn with soft wide-fitting trousers or a maxi skirt with cascades of tulle.

This authentic sportswear is inspired, as ever, by the world of dance and ballet. It is offered here in a baby and teen version. The materials used are classic cotton jersey, including stretch cotton jersey, and fleece of different weights. The typical colours of the sports world alternate with more feminine shades: from pale melange greys typical of the gym, to strawberry and baby pink, lilac and blue, as well as vanilla, black and markedly casual two-tone designs. The collection is designed for layering: different lengths and weights of knitwear, vests, sweatshirts and trousers are mixed in asymmetrical combinations – short with long and vice versa – producing a very glamorous result. The double-length two-tone T-shirts and the trousers with shorts (teen collection) or the trousers with skirt (baby collection) are clearly inspired by Broadway.
Customisations with high-impact graphics, in true urban style, are softened by the addition of glitter or silver effect laminate. Large lettering that spells out ballet steps (girl line); DIMENSIONE DANZA logos studded with silver laminated stars in some versions; hearts and sports-based claims. A real hip-hop spirit emanates from the sweatshirts that are longer at the back and feature the words I LOVE TO DANCE in large letters, and the hooded sweatshirts bearing the claim ARE YOU A LOVELY GIRL? The effect is essentially casual, emphasising absolute comfort. There is no lack of specific graphics in the baby line too, including the bears in pink tutus getting to grips with the bar and dance steps. The entire collection features great attention to detail. From the raw edges to the deliberately visible felled seams, making these versatile articles even more visual. Wide necklines, raglan sleeves and maxi hoods, as in the hip-hop sweatshirt with graphics on the back to be worn with a fleece miniskirt, with kangaroo pocket on the front.

A gym look for the typical trousers from the world of DIMENSIONE DANZA: magnum, funky and jazz pants alongside more basic versions. The baby range features cheerful offerings, such as the lightweight fleece mini skirt with soft raw cut flounces on the back, which follow the funny movements of the littlest girls.
Lastly, a selection of bodysuits designed to dress the SISTERS of DIMENSIONE DANZA. 3 classic sleeveless, short-sleeved and long-sleeved offerings and a brand new, ultra-feminine version with tutu style tulle inserts. Versatile pieces that emphasise the spirit of this season, where all the items are mixed and matched with great freedom and creativity.

Articles designed for wearing on special occasions. Perfect for little dancers celebrating birthdays, Christmas or New Year, as well as more formal occasions.
The sweet colours of violet, vanilla, pale melange grey, powder pink, melange pink and hints of lime can be seen in the trousers, but above all in the skirts, T-shirts, little sweaters and coats with tulle inserts and real party details.
A mixture of materials – tulle and fleece – and graphics – DANCE WITH LOVE, “written” and “drawn” dancers and little rabbits – feature in the T-shirts to be worn with miniskirts with flounces and fabric ribbons with an imperceptible shine thanks to the addition of lurex. The trousers are designed with a low crotch. The little dress combines pretty, intangible tulle with a fleece bodice. All this is topped off by the coat or jacket in stockinette stitch, fastened with sophisticated flower-shaped tulle brooches. The rock chic maxi skirt features several layers of tulle in dark purple, with an ultra-light poplin underskirt. It is perfect together with the raw cut tuxedo jacket, complete with tails at the back. Like a new Mary Poppins.
The restyled majorette’s jacket for girls is a very interesting design, with a Korean-style collar, asymmetric button fastening and raw cut edges, designed to be worn with a powder pink flounced skirt. For an important look, but with the typical irony of the younger generations, the collection offers tailored jackets made from lurex fleece with jewelled buttons; a dress with paste button fastening at the back; and a belted bon ton jacket that evokes the world of grown-ups. Additional details include brooches with tulle bows, for a pretty, romantic look.

Leisurewear, which a marked predilection for camouflage. The camouflage fleece used in the hooded mini dress and the raw cut ruffled sweater is powder pink or green/blue. The same ruffles also feature in the padded down jackets with their almost neo-Victorian look, for little women. Camouflage is also used in the close-fitting gym trousers, drawn in around the waist and at the bottom by ribbed trim, in a contrasting plain dye. The brand new “Felpa Spray” fleece is used in a series of jackets, dresses and skirts with sprayed over-dye. Each individual article is “painted” using a special colour spray technique that makes it truly unique. The lace appliques at the back and in the trim create a neo-romantic look. Perfect Hollywood sporty salsa style for the gabardine trousers and wraparound skirt with “badly dyed” effect, printed with big and little stars, just like the leggings.
The materials are typical of DIMENSIONE DANZA SISTER, with further options including moleskin trousers with fleece inserts.
The essential padded down winter coats feature brand new lines, offering plenty of scope for choice: verging on unisex with hood, kangaroo pockets and rounded back, they have been specifically developed with a focus on comfort, featuring unmistakably DIMENSIONE DANZA detailing.
Glamorous comfort also comes in the form of the ultra-soft sweaters, such as the oversize crewneck sweater with kangaroo side patch pocket, the college style crewneck sweater with raglan sleeves and the shrug, feminine by its very definition. All with a cascade of heat-sealed metal starts on the shoulders or neckline.

Even in the case of little girls and teenagers, a female wardrobe is not complete without a selection of sophisticated accessories: earmuffs, legwarmers, traditional and keffiyeh scarves, alongside other offerings, also in wool, customised with heat-sealed metal star appliques. As well as handbags and sports bags in lurex fleece, designed for nonchalant mixing and matching with anything and everything.

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